Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

In 2017, the technology industry witnessed the launching of Galaxy S8 by Samsung. The fresh design of the Galaxy S8 is a dream comes true for Samsung, as they have been heading towards this achievement since past years. However, they are not ready to present something new, but the fact cannot be denied that the Galaxy S9 is undeniably sexy. A unique feature that distances the Galaxy S9 series from other devices is the impressive camera. 

The Galaxy S9 and S9 plus produced by Samsung have features that are more or less identical to the features of the S8 series. For instance, the display and aspect ratio of both devices are exactly like that of their predecessor. One distinguishing factor between the S9 and S9 plus is the location of the fingerprint sensor. While the fingerprint sensor of the S8 series is located beside the camera, the fingerprint of the S9 batches is found underneath the camera. However, the S9 series is equipped with advanced camera improvement over the S8 Series.


Longer Battery Life

When compared with other smartphones in the same class as Galaxy S9 series, the battery life is average if not a little lower. Taking this as an illustration, after removing the charger from the phone at about 7:30 am, it’s left with 39% at 3:45 pm and later goes further down to 25% by 6 pm. This is applicable if the phone is on 50 percent brightness with max resolution coupled with heavy usage including video calls, internet browsing, photography, YouTube and so on.

If you are a phone addict, you will like need to get the phone charged a little towards the end of the day, if not; you should make it last you for the whole day. Aside from that, under the device management setting, there is also another method of optimizing the battery for your needs. So, you could get the maximum amount of time with your device. 

The Galaxy S9 plus supports both the wireless charging and fast wired charging. So, it does not require a long time to recharge.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus specifications

Dimensions: 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm.

Weight: 189g

Screen size: 6.2-inch

CPU: Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810


Display:  2960 by 1440 Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen infinity display.

Storage: 64GB or 128GB (region dependent), 256GB UFS 2.1

Battery: Non-removable S9:3000mAh, S9 plus: 3500mAh

Camera: Dual 12MP rear, 8MP front

Battery: 3,500mAh

Sound: Stereo speakers tuned by AKG, Dolby Atmos surround sound


Tips and Tricks of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

1.    Change the clock style: if you desire to change the clock style, navigate to clock style in settings, then lock screen to change the Galaxy S9 default clock colors and style.

2.    Unlock Secure Folder with your fingerprint: If you have kept files and valuable data into a private folder for safety, there is no hassle when you want to access it, you can make use of the fingerprint alongside with your iris, a PIN, password or pattern. This implies that you can get your phone unlocked with your pointer finger and use different digits for accessing the secured folder.

Other tips and tricks specially designed with the Galaxy S9 plus device is the dual messenger, checking your blood pressure right from your home and so much more to enjoy.



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