iPhone 8 Plus

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iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 plus is a smartphone designed, manufacture, developed, and packaged by apple inc. it came into existence on the announcement at Steve Jobs theater on September 12, 2017, and was later released into the market on September 22, 2017.

It is quite apparent that the review of the iPhone series by Apple every year is a difficult task. However, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are two incredible devices. The iPhone 8 plus is somewhat similar to iPhone 7 plus. It is important to note that all Apple products share a similarity but the only thing that differentiates the newer models physically from older is the addition of glass back and the creation of the two-tone effect. Apart from these two features, it would be a difficult task to differentiate iPhone 8 plus from 7 plus.

Nevertheless, this is quite a concern about the state of the industry; Apple has never changed a product for the sake of only two features, but with the release of the iPhone 8 plus it seems Apple has more designs in stock that can reshape the future of modern technology.

You cannot get the best of Apple products until you have the iPhone 8 plus which comes with reams of new technology and completely alters our way of thinking about iPhones and other Apple products. 

The iPhone 8 plus can be considered a default phone because of the customer's lack of interest. That can also be as a result of the notion of unwillingness to spend exorbitantly on a handset whose differences with older models is not too convincing. 

However, despite being far enough from the X’s price bracket,   the iPhone 8 plus still takes the stand as being one of the most expensive smartphones in the international market. So, it is expected to have a compelling feature to attract the interest over previous models.

Features associated with Apple iPhone 8 plus includes camera enhancement, little tweaks throughout the rough edges and advancements in the internal workings. 


iPhone 8 Plus Specifications:

Weight: 202g

Rear camera: 12MP

Front camera: 7MP

Dimensions: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5mm

OS: iOS 11

Screen size: 5.5-inch

Weight: 148g (7.1 oz)

Resolution: 1080 x 1920

CPU: Apple A11 Bionic


Storage: 64/256GB

Battery: 2,691mAh

Rear camera: Dual 12MP

Front camera: 7MP

Hearing and compatibility: M3, T4

Sound: Stereo speaker


Any Alternative?

From experience, It is highly advisable to opt for iPhone 8 plus specifically if you intend to have a handset that will stand the test of time. One good alternative is the Samsung Galaxy S9. If you have been contemplating on having a smart move from Apple products, Samsung Galaxy S9 is another product worth trying offering a fantastic camera and great screen. 

However, you should be warned that going for Android phones is another world entirely and you might have a little difficulty changing with the same trend. Another promising offer in the market is the Google Android P update. Ultimately, the fact can never be disputed that coming from Samsung phones to Android is a long way indeed.


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