Huawei P20

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Huawei P20

Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P20 are two high-end Android smartphones manufactured by Huawei. The two devices were announced on 27th of March 2018 as the successor of Huawei P10 series. Two distinct features of these two devices include a Leica dual camera for P20 and a triple camera for P20 Pro. Apart from Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, the series also includes Huawei P20 lite, but this has a much lower specification and it is entirely different from the P20.

The Huawei P20 is a well-manufactured and well designed Android smartphone with shiny physical appearance and other extravagant characteristics specifically the three cameras on the back (P20 Pro)


Differences between P20 and P20 Pro

Huawei has publicized the release of two different phones. The P20 is the less expensive of the two devices. It features an LCD display of 5.8inch with an 18.7:9 aspect ratio. In summary, the screen is somewhat similar to that of iPhone X.

On the other hand, the P20 Pro is slightly larger with a display of 6.1inch. For the first time in the history of Huawei products,  P20 Pro has an OLED display. This feature alone distinguishes the P20 Pro from P20.

Both products have a glass back and an aluminum frame just as seen in Samsung Galaxy S9. The glass back does not make it feel heavy unlike in iPhone X, but with the help of the frame made of stainless steel, it looks lovely in the hands of the users. 

Surprisingly, the fact that Huawei opted for the glass back is still a misery even though P20 and P20 Pro do not feature wireless charging. That is as a result of switching to a glass case to fasten the charging rate when it is wireless. These two devices also offer a unique fingerprint at the front without any additional feature. 

P20 and P20 Pro differ in a variety of colors. For instance, there are five color versions of the Huawei P20 and four colors of P20 Pro. In addition to the standard colors which is black, champagne gold and midnight blue all for both devices, Huawei still went far ahead to create two gradient colors that look great; pink, gold, and twilight. 

Another feature that Huawei P20 series from other Android smartphones is the fingerprint being kept at the front just below the display. Manufacturers generally have adopted the innovation of fixing fingerprints on the back of the phones. That is great and works fine if the phone is already in your hand. On the one hand, if the phone is on the table or somewhere else, you do not have any issue with P20. All you need do is pick it up and unlock it. 



Generally, both products are perfectly competent in performance. The fast and responsive features of both devices extend across all its functions. The fingerprint reader is faster as it is the main unlock feature of the phone. The camera software feels nippy, and you can take a snapshot in less than 3 seconds when you double tap the volume key down button on standby mode. 

Presently, the phone is backed up by 4GB of RAM and storage capacity of 128GB. If not the fastest, the phone is one of the fastest devices on the market.

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