New Ford Focus

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New Ford Focus

The new Ford Focus has all the qualities of its successful predecessor. In terms of design and innovation however it is a whole new league. Especially for its great new assistance systems and technologies that offer you a high level of safety, comfort and connectivity.

Different features are available based on the equipment variant, standard or optional at extra cost, possibly only as part of an equipment package. 


Models and price

So, how better is the fourth-generation model, which will start selling at a UK price of £17,930? The carmaker claims that the new car has a best-in-class cabin space, driving dynamics and aerodynamics – which provides a 12 percent cut in fuel consumption – and also makes enormous advances when it comes to driver assistance systems and connectivity (for a Ford, at least).

There is a wide choice of models: asides the five-door hatch, Ford will sell an elegant but spacious estate, an SUV-inspired Active version, and deluxe Vignale and sporty ST-Line trims. 

For 2018, the company is eager to push the Focus into more body styles and niches, so that they can hoover up more buyers who are tempted to stop buying hatchbacks in support of crossovers and SUVs.


Better design

All the benefits mentioned stem from an all-new vehicle architecture. The Blue Oval's newest C2 platform places the wheels nearer to the corners of the car when compared to the previous Focus, making the wheelbase broader and providing more space for occupants. Rear passengers will benefit from abundant leg-space and shoulder room, but the passengers who are upfront will love the dashboard pushed 100mm closer to the engine as well. All this extra space is not featured in the Focus boasting about size either: the new Ford is just a thumb’s width longer than the Mk3. 

An additional upgrade allows the low-speed collision system to notice cyclists, and pedestrians and other traffic: its standard equipment, as is lane-keeping assistance. The new vehicle is can also deploy Evasive Steering Assist, which can add or subtract torque from the driver’s steering input so that the car misses a forthcoming obstacle.

The car maker is playing catch-up on connectivity. However, the Focus comes with an embedded modem and standard FordPass Connect on its four upper trims. This enables two years of live traffic update and turns it into a Wi-Fi hotspot which works 10m away when the engine is off and can tether up to 10 devices. The owner can also use the FordPass app to check the car’s location, its fuel level and whether it is locked and even warm up or cool the cabin from wherever they are.    


The YouTube Channel "Parkers" made a quick review about the new Ford Focus:

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