Dog Friendly Cottage

Today, many people are too attached to their pets and find it difficult to leave them behind when going on holiday. Traveling a long distance or staying in a cramped hotel room is not relaxing for your pet, or you. Then, what better than being able to take a family holiday in a beautiful country cottage with your dog and being safe in the awareness that your dog will be welcome when you arrive.

The health advantages for your pooch, and you are proven - to take your dog walking in the open air -up craggy hillsides,  along forest paths, or to one of the UK’s many pet-friendly beaches where you both can run on the sand and take a dip in the sea.

Self-catered breaks mean that you can take a break from home life, but for your dog, you are still in a private, friendly cottage where your dog is welcome - a home for the whole family.

You should know that not all holiday cottages allow pets. Some properties deliberately exclude animals to meet the requirements of people who may be allergic. Accommodation owners may restrict by the number of pets, breed or ages - and many might be open to all. The information usually is precise on the property page but by using the ‘pets’ filter will show you only lodges and cottages where the owners explicitly allow pets.


Pet Friendly Activities

During summer, some beaches ban dogs though many allow them all year round. Let us recommend some of our favorite destination you can take your pet. 



Nobody likes a long distance drive, so your dog might not be keen. If it is your first time taking them out, keep the driving time short in case they struggle - perhaps consider a short break, in case your dog struggle to adapt to a new environment. No matter how far you go, be sure to make frequent breaks for stretching and other vital rest-stop activities. In addition, most of all, keep them hydrated.


Dining out

A lot of pubs and restaurants allow pets. Whilst it might be tempting to leave the dog at the cottage as you would in your house, consider how familiar the dog is with the cottage first. It is best to avoid stressing them out which can be avoided by bringing them to dinner with you!


Boats / Ferries

If you are heading over water, for example to the Isle of Wight, be sure to check with the ferry provider that they allow pets.

Always ensure you explore other advice before taking your pet into the sea,  out on long walks, and away from home mainly if this is the first time.

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