Collect Miles with Revolut

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a digital banking alternative, which includes currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, a pre-paid debit card, and peer-to-peer payments. If you register with Revolut, you can open an account in seconds. There you also have your account number and can receive money by bank transfer. Nevertheless, you can also transfer cash in 26 currencies free. That means that the real interbank rate is used and thus you can benefit from the favorable exchange rate when changing money.

Other fees, as with many other competitors do not arise at the Revolut Bank. Also,  Card transactions are available in more than 130 currencies free of charge. Probably the most significant advantage of the Revolut App is the possibility to charge your account by credit card. That gives you the opportunity to earn valuable miles with the Hilton Honors credit card. You can also order a Maestro or VISA card in the Revolut app. As a result of this you can then pay in shops or withdraw free of charge up to €200 per month at the ATM. Especially the Maestro card has the benefit that you can spend with it even in shops that accept no other card. If you open your account via reisetopia, you will not have to pay any shipping costs when ordering the card and you will benefit from a free Revolut card.


Let’s explain how charging with the credit card works

To charge your Revolut account by credit card, you must log in to the mobile app. In the upper part of the app, you will find your current account balance and on the left side a plus. After a click, you can enter here the desired recharge amount. Then you can choose the desired charging option. Here are both the possibility of transfer, as well as Apple Pay which is currently unavailable in Germany or just the credit cards available.

Once you have selected or added the credit card you need, choose to refill money and if required enter the card verification number (CVV). It is helpful, of course, if you use a credit card to collect miles for charging. In addition to those already discussed, the Eurowings Gold and Classic credit cards can also be used.


How to get the free card

There is an entirely free VISA or Maestro card for those who open the Revolut account. The shipping cost usually is €5.99. To order the card, you must log in to the app. Under the heading "Cards" you can now add cards. Here you can choose for a purely virtual card, this you can then use for online payments. That card is then only in the app. Thanks to the decree of the shipping costs, you can also order a free physical VISA or Maestro card. 

Just select the physical card and then choose between the different card types. In the free version of the app, as mentioned earlier, you can choose between the VISA and Maestro cards, in the premium version there is also a Revolut Mastercard. During the order, you can then also give your own desired PIN. After a few days, the card should then be in your mailbox.



You can earn miles with Revolut free transfer, rental payment using Maestro Card even in stores that do not accept a credit card.

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