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Cheap Taxi

If you are not financially buoyant enough to call a black cab as and whenever you want, or get the night bus, you may want to try using an alternative cheap fares app to take you around London.

In this article, we list out three cheap taxi apps opportunities you should try (and they come with promo codes!): 


1. Kabbee

London minicab aggregator, Kabbee claims to be less expensive than a black cab up to 65%, and you may still get to enjoy the fancy London service.

It has a collection of cars from over 70 providers, providing access to 10,000 London cabs for users. All Kabbee drivers are licensed, and minicab fleets with poor ratings get struck off from the service. This service is only available in London at present.

The great thing about this app is that you can earn and accumulate miles to benefit from credits, upgrades and other treats. Also, if you would like to book in person, you can also call its hotline on 0203 515 1111.

Their prices are fixed, so you do not have to worry about leaps at peak times and similar to Uber, you can track your driver all the way.

To book a ride, download the app, choose your ride, choose your payment method and then confirm your booking. It will search all the minicab firms close to your present location and then curate them to show you the cheapest, nearest, top rated and executive class minicabs available.

Once you have picked your preferred cab, you can book it with a debit or credit card using the app, so you do not have to be concerned about not having cash on you.

Kabbee Promo code: Get £5 credit for every new friend you refer to join and books a ride.  Your friend gets £10 too for their first trip.


2. BlaBlaCar

This French startup cab service is a bit different to the others on this list - it's mainly an essential Carpool service.

That means if you are going home from an event or back home from college, to, or from work, and it is a long journey, you can share the cost with other riders.

The good thing about this service is that you can choose to ride with 'ladies only' if you are concerned about safety. Like the other apps, you book and pay online on BlaBlaCar, and if you have an empty seat, you can give it to another passenger going your way.

You may have come across BlaBlaCar on google, and it is the option given to you if you put your journey into Google Maps – alongside other means of transport. On Google Maps, you can get an idea of its fares to London- like train or coach bookings, and it shows all of the routes your cab is taking and a picture of whomever you are traveling together.

BlaBlaCar Promo code: You will get £5 credit for each new friend that books a ride. Your friend also gets £10 too for their first trip. 


3. MyTaxi

Like nearly all other taxi firms today, MyTaxi lets customers pay in change or go cashless. It makes use of London's black cabs. However, you will have to pre-book to get a ride.

The app was previously known as Hailo. It underwent a massive re-branding in March, and now is a combination of both apps. MyTaxi has about 17,700 drivers in the UK.

Passengers have the opportunity to save their 'favorite driver' for future rides and share their journey with friends for updates on arrival.

Like Uber, with MyTaxi, you can get started quickly and order a taxi to your location and have it paid for making use of the app. The significant difference is taxis are licensed, and you will not get stung with surge pricing when there is high demand.


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