In recent times, flying at the front of the plane in the business class seats isn’t possible without paying exorbitantly. If you desire to enjoy the experience either in the first class or business class seats, here are some helpful tips:


Business Class Seats Vs. First Class Seats

If your heart is disturbed while contemplating on the difference that lies between first class and business class flights, the response is substantially determined by the airline, the route, and that particular aircraft. For some airlines, there is no evident distinguishing feature while for others; the first class space is entirely above the business class. Moreover, on international flights, first-class customers wouldn’t always have spaces for another person to sit beside them, better services are guaranteed, and you also enjoy foods and drinks of different delicacies to enjoy. Above all, customers always have easy access to the most exclusive airport lounges.

But at the same time, first class seats are quite expensive. In some parts of the world, the value of a first-class ticket could cost you whooping thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. For instance, the Singapore Airlines, from New York to Singapore, a first-class ticket could be as pricey as $12,000. This gets passengers an exclusive suite with exclusive lounges in the plane.

Apart from being in the financial stratosphere, it's highly challenging to justify the cost of a first class seat if there is another alternative like the business class. The perks are similar specifically on domestic flights.


Cost Effective ways to Get on the Seats

On domestic flights, you will see the business class first rather than the first class. In contrary situations, how do you get them without paying your lifetime earnings to upgrade? Here are some of the tips to get on the seat:


Remain Loyal: The experience of airline loyalty programs over time has changed from what it used to be in the past. Even if you travel frequently, the perks you receive aren’t what it used to be as it were in your previous travels. However, those miles will add unknowingly, and you can later use them for a free upgrade.  All the same, be constant with expiration dates and be sure to check all emails that come in from the airlines either they are periodic or not. Do not leave your point to expire.

Buy the points: Numerous web pages allow the buying and selling of points but be watchful since it's against the code of conducts of airlines. If you aren’t careful enough, you may later lose your miles or be restricted from using the already purchased miles. Alternatively, it is ideal to buy the miles directly from the airlines. The cost is usually about 2.5 cents per each mile but be on the lookout for promotional pricing. Your variables will determine whether you will pay less for your first class seat. So, crunch the numbers before the purchase.

Watch for open seats: Remember to listen attentively to the cabin door to shut if you find you coach seat towards the frontal part of the plane. If there is a vacant first class seat, make inquiries from the flight attendant whether you can move. However, this works perfectly when you strike up a friendly conversation with the flight attendant when you first boarded the plane. You get to enjoy your friendliness in that aspect.

Fly when business travelers aren’t: Business travelers indeed fly all week either for business issues or other things. The last option they would want to consider is flying during the weekends. This is the reason why you see many passengers flying in the business cabins on Saturdays and Sunday especially mornings. This helps to leave more business class seats available for grabs.

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