About Alicante:

The constant heartbeat of Alicante, the famous Costa Blanca is pre sophistication in the sun. For a city to be in existence for over 3000 years ago, it sure would not have a contender to share the name “stuck of the past.” The various attractive cultures that have undergone constant practice by this city from the days of the Romans to the moors have left an indelible mark on the historical attractions across the length and breadth of the town, for example, the Santa Barbara. Lovers of the fun of the beach will undeniably adore the premium Mediterranean location of the old quarters where highs hit 30 degrees and sometimes above that. For those who desire to kick-start their holidays after sunset, Alicante provides a legendary nightlife on the marina miles, and it goes on an on until the early hours of the morning. 

The fun of the party isn’t always felt at the buzzing bars in Alicante. If you are a traveler during February, you might be part of the three weeks long carnival of Alicante. Along the street, you find spilling whirlwind of music, dances and attractive colors on a pack of eye-catching dresses.

During the seasons with mild winter and hot summer, an Alicante holiday is the ideal way to perfect yourself in catching the fun of Mediterranean surf. If you have found the heavenly sunbathing on the soft sands too relaxing, the city of Alicante has some popular hiking routes in stock situated outside the center of the town. Another interesting location is the Serra Gelada Nature Park. This is a 6-kilometer escape route that rewards you with chances of seeing some wildlife creatures. 


Possible Activities in Alicante

Hiking Cala Blanca to Playa La Barraca: The trail from Cala Blanca to Playa La Barraca will take you up to about 8kilometres off the scenic coastlines. There are several hike routes out there, but with this, you get the best views and wonderful experience

Santa Barbara Castle: Situated precisely on the Mount Benacantil, the origin of Santa Barbara castles can be traced back as far as the 9th century. While it dominates the whole of the skylines, it's pretty difficult to miss the castle while at the same time overlooking the city from the rock beneath it. Another intriguing feature is the ocean views especially when you get to the top.

La Granadella Beach: This disproves the common saying that more significant doesn’t always imply better. This small beach located in a secluded area is a mix of the relaxed sapphire water and the stunning cliff backdrop. It may interest you to note that particular location has been voted twice as the best beach in Spain. However, La Granadella is a hidden treasure worth digging up. 


Popular Resort Centres



Albir, the little jewel of Costa Blanca is just like a 2 minutes trek from the Alicante Airport. In Albir, you’ll appreciate the beaches that are located across the Costa Blanca. You can also visit this resort when you desire to have a great family holiday, the stunning weather and excellent Meditteranean views are worth trying. From experience, you could enjoy your holiday with a slower pace and peace of mind


Moraira on its own is more relaxed and more lively than its cobbled street and surrounding market squares. It welcomes Spanish city slickers who come all the way from Madrid for excellent dining alternative, lively resorts, and its brilliant bars. The incorporation of both the modern and traditional life makes the town a famous for an upmarket holiday on your Spanish getaway.


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