Airport Transport

What happens after you exit through the sliding doors into the airport arrivals hall? If you’ve booked a holiday package that comes with transfer, you should find it easy. Your holiday rep will be waiting to show you the way to a coach for the transfer to your hotel. 

On the other hand, if you are travelling independently, then you’ll have to sort out the next step of the journey yourself. All airports usually provide some public transport link to the city they serve, and this is by far the cheapest and often the best way of reaching the centre. 

However, taking a bus or train transfer might not be such a good idea if your plane arrives late at night, residing in an area that is not easy to get to, or you have plenty luggage or child with you. Also, you may like the luxury of being chauffeured directly to your home without the stress of going through timetables and maps.


Taxi transfer

Going to the taxi rank is not only probably going to be the costliest option, but also the most unreliable. You cannot predict the queuing time and price, and you also risk being ripped off. If you are arriving in a new destination, do your research on what it should cost you to travel from the airport to your destination and agree on a price or an approximate quote before you set off.


Shared transfers

Some airports have cheaper shared shuttle service transfer, this, however, won’t be available for every destination. For example, if you are going to a private destination, the shuttle might drop you at the nearest hotel. It also will not be the quickest option because there will be stops along the way. The benefits, however, include being able to book and pay upfront.



Uber is available in airports in more than 400 cities all over the world and cars can be booked once you have picked your luggage from the baggage claim and are ready to leave. The Uber app will give you details of the pickup location and advice on if the city's drive flat rate to and from the airport.


General Tips


Book Your Ride Online:

The best way to ensure you have a record of your booking is by booking your airport taxi online. Ensure that you receive a booking confirmation from the company. In the rare event that anything should happen, you will have a written record to go back to and check.


Check your dates:

Mistakes do happen. One of the most common mistakes is for clients travelling trans-Atlantic to register their take-off date as their arrival date, when in fact they arrive the following day because of the time difference. At some time, many drivers will be looking for their passenger when the passenger is still fast asleep in their hotel room on the other side.


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